Pottery Barn Kids Gotz Doll

Posted by: , December 22, 2011 in 2:02 pm

gotz dollsWho knew my three year old loves dolls?!  She never played with any of the 40 or 50 we have sitting in her toy bin but when a little surprise arrived in the mail this week — a Gotz doll from Pottery Barn Kids — she literally couldn’t rip the package open fast enough.

Even more amazingly, she played with the doll for hours that day and has spent countless hours this week taking her doll’s shoes on and off while propping her in a purple stroller.  She calls her Yvette, a name I had no idea she even knew, and she tells me that her Gotz doll’s house is, “just like ours but a little different but just like ours”.

I don’t blame her for liking this particular doll since it is absolutely adorable and her limbs can be easily manipulated.  Plus her shoes come on and off which appears to be a major plus at our house.

The Gotz dolls come in three different styles.  There is the Ashleigh Doll (blonde), the Marianne Doll (brunette) and the Maya Doll (black hair).  Kids really do seem to gravitate towards dolls that look like they do so these different options are really nice to have when you make your selection.

The dolls are dressed in cute preppy outfits – jeans, button downs and a sweater and all of them carry cute little messenger bags that really do open and close so your kids can store things inside.  The doll’s faces all have blushing cheeks and life-like eyelashes and eyes that open and close.  Also, the dolls have hair that can be washed, styled and brushed to your liking.  We haven’t tried that yet but my daughter told me yesterday that Yvette must really need a bath so I’m sure this is next on our list of activities with our Gotz.

Apparently my daughter is not the only little girl who is very interested in shoes because Pottery Barn Kids offers extra shoes that you can order online for your Gotz doll.  There are ice skates, sneakers, flats and winter boots and I’m sure I know what our next purchase will be.  At a time of year when people are scrambling to stock up on fabulous gifts this is certainly one you can buy in the comfort of your own home and rest assured that it will be met with a huge smile upon arrival. Buy it now!


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