Look Ma, No Batteries: The Best Non-Electronic Toys

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arctic archieTake a break this holiday season from those plastic mass-produced battery toys that flood the television commercials. Instead choose these innovative and environmentally friendly toys that will feed your children’s imaginations.

Wow Toys

Mario’s Pizzeria | WOW ToysThe award winning London based Wow Toys are known for their quality, safety and durability. Your child will never be bored with Mario’s Pizzeria ($39.99) which not only gives you three pizza pies, a chef, delivery boy and vehicle but also a special oven that “fires-up” when the button is pushed. The craftsmanship of these toys are amazing. From the colorful pizzas and Italian style Pizza sign to the mustache on the chef, no detail was spared.

The creativity continues with Arctic Archie ($18.50). Kids will love this “cool” arctic experience. It comes with a super Coastguard Carl | WOW Toyssnowmobile, Archie and a penguin. They both fit in the drivers seat so they can take turns. Who said a penguin can’t drive? A great toy for the winter season. Coastguard Carl ($39.99) also does not disappoint. It comes with a helicopter, two figures and removable life raft. Kids will have a blast with the magnetic life raft that can attach and detach from the helicopter. Push a button on the button and the propeller turns! They can orchestrate their own life saving operation on the high seas. Imaginative play was never better! Buy it now!

Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug1For over 23 years Melissa & Doug has been coming up with innovative toys that children adore. The Make-Your-Own Monster Puppet ($24.75) is no exception. It inspires a ton of creativity for the kids. The kit contains a hand puppet and multiple, interchangeable ‘parts,’ like weird eyes, funky hair and arms to design your own puppet. The soft materials and variety of choices make it great for all different ages.

Another favorite is the Deluxe Magic Set ($34.05). It comes with traditional magic trick props that are perfect for kids to learn and ‘perform.’ There’s (of course), a magic wand, disappearing coins, scarves, magic cups and a lot more props for dozens of magic tricks. The Magic Kit case even contains a secret compartment and serves as a performance table. Your children will spend hours practicing their favorite tricks and if you’re lucky you’ll even get to see a performance. Buy it now!

Anatina Toys

Airplane | | Anatina ToysAnatina ToysAnatina Toys is an international organization with a humanitarian focus striving to improve the quality of life for Bolivian artisans. Their recycled fabric and non-toxic wooden toys are not only fun for kids but good for the environment. The plush Airplane ($25.23) is big and squishy; perfect for a first toy. It also features three birds that stick to the plane so they can go along for the ride. Your kids can put the birds on top or even on the bottom and fly anywhere their imagination will take them.

ABC Saurian | | Anatina ToysAnatina Toys-1The ABC Saurian ($19.23) is a fun puzzle that lets kids learn their ABC’s while building a dinosaur. It comes in lime green or bright orange. Don’t worry about losing the pieces, all of Anatina Toys arrive with an Eco-friendly canvas backpack for easy portability. And every time you buy an Anatina Toy, you are helping to create employment for Bolivian artisans and care for our planet. Buy it Now!

Alex Toys

alex toysKnown for their inspired arts and crafts tools, Alex Toys has great options for creative kids. Kids love to paint but parents hate the mess. Alex Toys solves the problem with the Table Top Easel ($68.95). It is a fully assembled easel that sits on any table and comes with four non-spill paint cups. It cuts down on unwanted dripping making everyone happy. One side has a chalkboard and the other side has a magnetic dry erase board for more non messy options. My Art Case ($19.95) has every art tool your little artist could want. It includes 12 crayons, 18 broad tip markers, 12 colored pencils, 18 watercolors, 24 oil pastels, paintbrush, glue, scissors, white paint, ruler, pencil, eraser, sharpener and sponge. And best of all, it fits in an easy carry case so your child can bring it where ever they go. Buy it Now!

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