Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair

Posted by: , January 29, 2012 in 1:44 pm

Anywhere Chair | Pottery Barn KidsEver since my friends began having children I have noticed adorable tiny chairs invading their living spaces.  These chairs are embroidered with the names of their children and seem to follow us from room to room as we travel throughout their homes.

Soon after having a child of my own I found out that this was the aptly named Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids.  Parents love this chair because it has a machine-washable slipcover that zips off for cleaning.  Kids love this chair because it is super lightweight and they can literally drag it anywhere in the house.  It’s also comfy, available in their favorite colors and has their names embroidered on the front — what could be cooler?!

My older daughter has had a pink Anywhere Chair for two years but my little one has been patiently waiting for her own special chair for long enough.  We opted for the green polkadot chair with white piping and she could not be happier.  She proudly sits on her throne surveying her domain with a new-found sense of satisfaction.  My older daughter has such a love for her own Anywhere Chair that I can see her respect for her little sister growing with every glance at the new seat.  Lucky for us her Pottery Barn Kids Gotz doll arrived the same day as her sister’s Anywhere Chair.  Nothing like spreading the love around just before the holidays… ($119-129) Buy it now!


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