Red Envelope for Your Valentine

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berries 150x150 Red Envelope for Your ValentineAnother year, another February 14th rolls around and I have no idea what to get for my loving husband.  I have tried a myriad of “creative” gifts over the last 12 years – with varying degrees of success – but this time I turned to the professionals. Red Envelope does the thinking for you so all you have to do is click a few buttons and remember to open all packages before your significant other gets to them.

watch caseThis year the site is featuring dozens of Valentine’s-centric gifts ranging from Gourmet Chocolate Covered Berries and a Men’s Leather Watch  Case to a Personalized Shaving Set and a Cuff Link Display Case.

Some of the sexier gifts include: “Tickets to Love” – a red satin gift box containing 12 metal “tickets”: 11 tickets with directives: “Breakfast in bed,” “Back rub,” “Striptease,” “Day off from chores,” Date night,” “Morning quickie,” “Movie night of your choice,” “Hot and steamy night,” “Romantic getaway or outing,” “Full body massage,” and “Shower or bathe together.” The 12th ticket is a wildcard to make up your own suggestion using the included red paper.

stackers1 150x150 Red Envelope for Your Valentine“Reasons I Love You Stones” – silver stones that read “I love you…” on the front, and a different “reason” on the back and “Hidden Message Collar Stays” which are available in both a PG and a Racy version.
But I opted for the “Sexy Stackers Game” which is an interesting twist on Jenga.  Couples take turns choosing and placing blocks that direct them to do various fun, racy actions. Things like; take off a piece of clothing or blindfold your partner and caress a body part. The game ends when the tower topples. Now I’m certainly looking forward to the night of the 14th!

For those of you that are interested in showing your love to someone special in your life that with whom you are not romantically involved – Red Envelope has plenty of options for you too.  I found a purse hook for my mother – something she has mentioned wanting countless times.  She doesn’t like her purse sitting on the “dirty restaurant floor”. This solves the problem by suspending the bag from the table’s edge. I had it monogrammed in a lovely script for that extra touch.purse 150x150 Red Envelope for Your Valentine

And for my kids I got the Twilight Turtle – a very cool little toy that projects moons and stars on their ceiling. The tranquil light helps little ones drift off a sleep. A toy that helps with sleep? I’m in.

It seems I’ve got Valentine’s Day all wrapped up.  Now I can relax. And focus on the love…


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