The Almost Missed Birthday Party

Posted by: , February 5, 2012 in 12:27 am

smartphone 150x150 The Almost Missed Birthday PartyHave you ever been going about your day, thinking you had everything under control, when all of a sudden you realize you totally forgot something? I mean totally forgot.

Well that happened to me the other day. With a car full of kids (three of my own plus one friend) after art class pick-up, on my way back to my house to make dinner, it occurred to me…wasn’t it Sam’s birthday this afternoon?

If this were 30 years ago, when I was a kid, my mom probably would have driven to the house to check the kitchen calendar or dig up the invitation in one of many junk drawers. Then, odds are, she would not have known where the party was and would have had to pull out the big fat phone book to look through the white pages. It would have taken so long she would probably have just blown off the party. A matter of fact, I recall missing many a party because my mom was juggling three kids and god knows what else.

But as luck would have it, I live in the year 2012 where us moms are blessed with the amazing invention of the smartphone.

This birthday party would not be missed. I sprang into action. I didn’t have to drive all the way home. I just grabbed my phone, pulled up the Evite and sure enough, Sam’s birthday was in less than an hour. It was at some super sports complex I didn’t even know existed.

I quickly used the GPS on my phone and found a location. First problem solved. But it was kind of far away – a good fifteen minutes away. We had time to get there except I was really low on gas. I googled gas stations in the area and found one nearby.

As I was filling up on gas, the kids started complaining they were hungry for dinner. The ones not going to the party were not psyched about being carted around on this unexpected detour. Oops, no time to make it home to feed them. Again my phone came to the rescue. I used an app to find a nearby Burger King and fed the whole gang without getting out of the car. While there, I texted the friend’s mom that I got him dinner and would be dropping him off later than expected.

Then I realized I had no birthday present. I hit google and found a nearby Target. But what to get this notoriously picky 6 year old? I used my phone to fish for information. On Facebook I found a post his mom put up about Sam’s Pokemon obsession. Bingo. We bought him a nifty album for his Pokemon cards.

It was now party time and we pulled into the parking lot only 10 minutes late. That was actually early for me. My phone had definitely helped me out of a tight spot and ensured that we didn’t miss the party. As an added bonus, on the way home my toddler was getting antsy about being confined to the car seat for so long. I handed her my phone so she could play her favorite game. It kept her quiet the whole way home.

I don’t know how my mom survived parenthood without a smartphone. As far as I’m concerned it’s a mom’s best friend.

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