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kiwi Kiwi Crate“When it’s grey in L.A. I sure like it that way
Cause there’s way too much sunshine round here 
I don’t know about you I get so sick of blue skies
Whenever they always appear”

– Loudon Wainwright III

It was finally grey in Los Angeles last week and I have to tell you it was a huge relief.  
As someone who was born and raised in the Northeast I am disproportionately attached to the wind, cold and rain. Last Thursday a storm cloud was spotted over Santa Monica and I gleefully jostled my kids into the house as the first drops came down.  “But what are we going to dooooo?”  My oldest one whined.  Her world was shaken when she couldn’t get her late afternoon swing-fix.  I remembered the recent arrival of our Kiwi Crate and thought this was the perfect opportunity to prove to my children that there is fun to be had indoors as well as out.

The Kiwi Crate was a huge hit.  Each crate comes with materials for art projects, games and fun facts for you and your children to explore, learn and create together.  Every crate has a theme and ours was the Discover Dinosaurs box.  There were cloth bags with special fabric markers and colorful felt to decorate them.  The bags were turned into dinosaur feet and my kids walked around in them for hours.  There was also clay in the Crate that we used to create dinosaur fossils and dinosaur bone collections.  It spurred a conversation about dinosaurs – it seems that my daughter is fascinated with the Brontosaurus.  Who knew?

The way that Kiwi Crate works is that you sign up for a subscription and each month a new crate arrives for you to explore.  The crates are designed by parents, reviewed by experts and tested by kids.  Our dinosaur crate was interesting to my two girls – age one and a half and three and a half.  They liked the arts and crafts part of it and the stomping around part of it and even the learning about dinosaurs part of it.  There is a Gardening crate I’d like to try and one about Colors that looks like a lot of fun.

Today, January 31st, it was 86 degrees in LA.  I’ve been forced back into the great outdoors.  I’m thinking next month we may try a Kiwi Crate by the pool.


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