Princess Expressions by Almar

Posted by: , April 5, 2012 in 11:21 am

tiaras Princess Expressions by Almar I am embarrassed to admit how much my daughters love princesses. I don’t even know how it happened. One day we were reading Olivia, then one viewing of Tangled and my kids were hooked. My older daughter’s fourth birthday is coming up and I know what theme she is likely to request so I went on a search for Princess Expressions by Almar to supply us with all things “princessy”.

This is one-stop tutu21 Princess Expressions by Almar shopping for all your princess needs. We got a pink, pillowy, heart wand that my little one has been waving all afternoon as she sings “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” – inexplicable but endearing nonetheless. We also got several lovely tiaras with hot pink and light pink rhinestones that Eliza calls “treasure stones”. But the centerpiece of the collection is undoubtedly the Princess Expressions by Almar Tu-Tu Birthday set that comes with a beautiful tutu – ours is pink and green – and a matching wand. I’m sure this outfit will be in attendance at my daughter’s birthday party. A matter of fact it will be the star attraction.

wand Princess Expressions by Almar Almar ensures that all of their products go through rigorous testing to meet ASTM standards, meaning none of their cosmetic products contain harmful chemicals. Sold at specialty stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, Princess Expressions products are reasonably priced. Their tutus are $24.99 and their wands and crowns are under $5 which make great goodie-bag options. That’s what my daughter’s friends will be taking home from the party. Why shouldn’t everyone get to be princess for a day!


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