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i see me“I See Me” is a company that has such a wonderful selection of personalized storybooks it’s hard to know where to begin.  My older daughter, Eliza, absolutely loves her “My Very Own Name” and “My Very Own Fairy Tale” books and we read them nightly.  Recently she began to question how come her little sister, Sienna, did not have any books of her own – a situation I rushed to remedy as quickly as possible.

The concept behind all of the “I See Me” books is that the story is personalized for your child.  It has your child’s name spelled out in the story of the book and a personalized inscription on the first page with your child’s birthday and who has gotten the book for him or her.  Boys may gravitate to “My Very Own Pirate Tale Storybook” which depicts sea creatures introducing letters one by one until it spells out your child’s name in rhyme.  While girls absolutely go crazy for “My Very Own Fairy Tale” where it is fairies that bring out the letters or your child’s first and last name and eventually crown her their fairy princess.

“My Very Own Name” utilizes animals to tell the story of your child’s name and I know that boys and girls are equally thrilled to see that the animals have chosen the perfect name for them.  Some other options on offer are Happy Birthday books, Super Big Sister and Super Big Brother books, a God Loves You! book and a Who Loves Me? book.  Something for every occasion…

Shortly after our initial conversation about Sienna’s lack of personalized stories her “Very Own Fairy Tale” book arrived in the mail.  The arrival of any package for my children is a festive occasion in our house, but this was particularly exciting because Eliza had planned to present the gift to Sienna herself.  Sienna is only one but it she seems to grasp that this is HER book and she has really been enjoying learning all her own letters.  My favorite is the inscription, “Love Always, Eliza”.


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