I See Me: Royal Birthday Adventure

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fairytale I See Me: Royal Birthday Adventure Until I had kids of my own I could not have imagined how much they would love their names. Whether they are hearing their names in song or seeing their names in actual print it thrills them to no end when they are personally addressed by the creative spirits. Perhaps this is why we are not new to the “I See Me” franchise.

This company is tuned in to what kids want so when they came out with some additions to their selection, I was quick to pick up some copies. The new books are their “Royal Birthday Adventure” series. There is one for boys and one for girls — both are lovely stories that make your child the protagonist in their own birthday adventure.

The books are beautifully illustrated and many of the pages incorporate your child’s name into the pictures in subtle and interesting ways. On one page the name is spelled out in the leaves of the trees, on one page the name is written in the stars – it is a treat to turn each page and see what is revealed. The story itself involves a big birthday party where your child can invite all his or her favorite people. And the story plays out in rhyming couplets which is another delight for the young and young at heart. I have two children with birthdays fast approaching and I have no doubt that the “Royal Birthday Adventure” books will be welcome additions to their growing libraries.

I’m going to get one for my niece as well – she’s the little girl who has everything but since it just came out I know I’m safe for at least a week. Plus I know she’ll love it – cause lets be honest – who doesn’t like to see their name in print?

Visit I See Me to see all of their great personalized children’s books.


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