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pink ultimate convenience stroller 031 Delta Ultimate Convenience StrollerMy kids are very attached to their strollers.  Eliza’s is grey and Sienna’s is blue and I thought that is how things would stay for all of eternity.  But when our pink accented, spanking new Delta Ultimate Convenience Stroller arrived out of the blue things really started to change.

The first thing that tipped me off to this shift in allegiance was their frantic screams of “mine!” and the scramble to see who could climb up and claim the seat first.  We compromised – Sienna would sit and Eliza could buckle her in.  Awesome.  But once we really got going on the sidewalk I saw the strollers attributes in action.

The Delta Ultimate Convenience Stroller is a smooth ride.  It has shock absorbing front and rear wheels which came in handy while navigating the pot holes and tree roots that ravish the LA sidewalks.  It also has a multi-position recline and an adjustable five-point safety harness.  The color is great but safety always comes first!

There is a large convenient storage bag underneath the seat which held an astonishing amount of groceries after a recent Ralph’s run including a gallon of milk, a gallon of orange juice, a box of Cheerios and a dozen eggs.  (I’m proud to announce the eggs made it into the fridge un-cracked.)  The Delta Ultimate Convenience Stroller folds compact for easy transport and has a carry handle so you can sling it over your shoulder.  But by far my own, personal favorite feature of this stroller is the cup holder.  I cannot believe that there is a single stroller on the market that is sold without a cup holder for parents but – lo and behold – I have at least half a dozen strollers without a built-in place to rest my coffee.  This has resulted in many make-shift coffee holders that drip hot liquids all over creating a sticky mess and coming dangerously close to scalding my unsuspecting child.  I prefer the built-in cup holder in the Delta stroller and I will choose this stroller above all others for this fabulous feature alone.

Its fun pink color and great price {$59.99} doesn’t hurt either. Available exclusively at Walmart.

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