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babylegs1  Stylish FeetWant to put your baby in a dress but scared her legs will get cold? BabyLegs legwarmers are the perfect answer to the fickle weather we’ve been getting lately. Not only will they keep legs cozy but they will make diaper changing or potty training easier, and protect soft knees while crawling.

As if that wasn’t enough, BabyLegs takes it one step further with BabyNoBugs arm warmers and legwarmers which will keep those pesky bugs from biting. Treated with Insect Shield {which is EPA-registered}, they repel disease-causing insects like fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and more! And you can be confident it will last the summer since it’s guaranteed for 70 launderings. A stylish solution, our favorite kind.

addatoos  Stylish Feet

Kids love to express themselves and what better canvas is there than their shoes? Addatoos lets kids put fun removable tattoos on the front part of their sneakers which, lets be real, is just asking for decoration. Jennifer Worley, the creator of Addatoos, says she got the idea after she saw one too many Converse shoes come home decorated in Sharpie marker. Addatoos are much more fun than a sharpie. Kids can choose from tons of creative designs like flowers or insects to their own poetry.

Super easy to apply and remove, kids can change their decorations depending on their mood.  And we all know their moods can change in a heartbeat. Trust us when we say Addatoos are sure to be the next craze. Grab your addatoos now!

Western Chief Hello Kitty Froggy Rain Boot (Toddler_Little Kid_Big Kid)_ Shoes

Rainy days are made for jumping in puddles and the perfect rain boot is a big part of that. With Western Chief rain boots kids can choose from their favorite designs. From Hello Kitty to Thomas the Tank Engine, you would be hard pressed to not find a style your child wants. Made of rubber with cotton lining, all of Western Chief rain boots feature pull handles for easy on and off. A great way to weather spring showers!


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