The Best Baby Food Brands

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ella1 The Best Baby Food BrandsThey say, you are what you eat, and that holds true more than ever with what we feed our babies. Every parent wants the best and the baby food industry has heard us loud and clear. They have responded with tons of new baby food brands which tout themselves as organic, natural, chemical free and delicious. Here’s a run down of our favorites.

Peter Rabbit Organics

Peter Rabbit Organics fruit and veggie pouches are all organic, contain 100% fruit and vegetables and never have added sugar or anything arPeter Rabbit Organics - Fruit snacks and Veggie Blendstificial. Their BPA-free resealable pouches feature a no-choke cap making it easy and safe for little hands. Tasty, healthy blends are their focus for children of all ages. They strive to give kids the nutrients they need without the struggle of forcing them to eat the dreaded “healthy foods”. So delicious are Peter Rabbits’ purees that Moms have been known to try and grab a squeeze for themselves.

nuturme The Best Baby Food BrandsNurturMe

NurturMe is the only organic, all natural, gluten free baby food made from quick dried fruits and veggies. Their quick drying methods preserves nutrients and phytochemicals. This approach is not only unique but delicious too. Just add breast milk or water and your baby’s food is good to go. Choose from Plump Peas, Hearty Sweet Potatoes, Scrumptious Squash, Crisp Apples, Sweet Bananas and Crunchy Carrots. All as yummy as they sound. Easy to prepare, easy to carry and good for your children. What more could we ask for?

ella_s kitchenElla’s Kitchen

This UK based company feels eating healthy food can be not only tasty but cool. Their baby food comes in a wide range of flavors and colors and their playful packaging and fun names appeal to children, making mealtime a lot easier. Ella’s Kitchen boasts food that is 100% organic with no added sugar, salt or water. They offer interesting combinations of fruits and vegetables like; apples and parsnips or sweet corn, pumpkin and peas that keep babies taste buds working overtime. Their latest addition of the Baby Brekkie line, combines their organic cereal with fruits all in one package. Brilliant.

baby gourmetBaby Gourmet

Baby Gourmet was started by a mom disappointed with the taste of grocery store baby food and felt there was a better way. Unlike other baby foods that are started in some factory, these recipes come from the ladies themselves. They make sure all of the products they create are all natural, all kosher and all organic. Of course they pass all USDA and Organic certifications but these moms go a step further and taste test their recipes themselves. If the food is something they or their children don’t like, they don’t sell it. All Baby Gourmet food comes in a thermo-dynamic pouch preserving their great taste while also being super convenient.

happy babyHappy Baby

With over 9 different lines, Happy Baby food is know for its variety. They offer starting solids, simple combos, balanced meals, and organic superfoods. Add in their cereals, munchies, puffs, frozen line and you’ve got a one-stop shop for everything your baby could need. Their products are as close to homemade as you can get, allergy-free, and preservative-free. As a plus, when you buy from Happy Baby, they donate money to Project Peanut Butter, a foundation that feeds malnourished children in Malawi and Sierra Leone.

Plum OrganicsPlum Organics

Plum Organics is an all-natural, all-organic baby food company. Their products, made from pure, Plum Dispensing Spoon, Designed exclusively for Plum Organics - Boon Inc.nutrient rich ingredients are never overcooked so their baby food retains the texture and flavor it was meant to have. Combine their single fruit pouches with their whole grain baby cereals for the perfect introduction to solids. Plum Organics goes beyond standard baby food with their Super Puffs, which are quickly replacing cheerios as the go-to snack for the baby set. For us, we love their easy to use, mess free Plum Dispensing Spoon which attaches to their packaging making it easy to feed your baby anytime.

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