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The Honest Companydiapers4I was standing in the aisle of CVS last week desperately trying to decipher the epic list of chemicals on the back of a sunscreen tube when my four year old knocked over a stand of M&M’s hitting my two year old in the face. I quickly righted the stand, ascertained that my little one was not, in fact, injured and refocused my attention.

I would not let this deter me from my mission. My husband had sent me an article about all the poisons in sunscreen that cause cancer and I was going to find a safe, effective sunscreen that did not have those chemicals — if I could only remember what they were. I scanned the back of the bottles hoping something would click as my two year old began licking the metal shelves. That was it – I  scooped up my kids and and made a hasty break for the door. Mission aborted. I left sans sunscreen.

The Honest Companyfamilyessentials2This story would have had a different ending had I come across The Honest Company. In case you haven’t heard the buzz about The Honest Company – it was launched this year by actress Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan {of Healthy Child, Healthy World fame}. They created an entire line of baby supplies and household cleaning products that are effective, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. This brilliant company has taken the hassle out of finding the type of natural products you have always wanted but have been too busy/disorganized/uninformed/lazy to actually find. One-stop-shopping truly is priceless.

The Honest line of Bath and Body products includes shampoo, conditioner, lotion, healing balm, hand soap, bubble bath, body oil, sunscreen and hand sanitizer. My kids love the the Honest shampoo because they swear it smells “just like cookies.” But more importantly, for the first time in ages my daughter did not erupt in shrieks of “my eyes!” when I washed her hair. Gentle and effective – the perfect combination.

The conditioner is also fantastic. Both my girls think they are Rapunzel and grow their hair “all the way to the floor,” The Honest conditioner is the key to eliminating the tangles and tears when it is time to brush their Rapunzel hair.

The Honest Company sunscreenLooking for safe sunscreen for your kids? The search is over. The Honest Company‘s sunscreen is light, effective and most important, non-toxic.

It’s hard to find the perfect wipe. It has to be moist but not soggy, soft but not delicate, and thick but not cumbersome. I am thrilled that the search is over. I now use Honest Wipes in our bathroom and kitchen. (Am I the only one who keeps a container of baby wipes handy in the kitchen to clean up kids, high chairs and eating surfaces with a reliably safe, non-toxic product? I think it’s a life-saver!)

The Honest diapers are also not to be missed. I once heard that diapers take up 5% of the space in landfills and since then I have made a point of getting biodegradable diapers. The diapers from Honest are naturally biodegradable and made of pure plant-based PLA and bio-based wheat and corn. They are also adorable and come in fun, stylish designs for boys and girls. Flowers, stars, anchors and even skulls.

honest company jessicaI have spent more time than I care to admit searching for safe, natural and effective household cleaning products. For a while I was mopping my floors with distilled vinegar because I heard that the Swiffer was hazardous to children (who – what – lick the floor?). Now I rely on The Honest Company products and I have been pleasantly surprised with each one. Their line includes dish soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher gel and surface cleaner. These products are not only safe, but they also actually work! My tables are streak-free, my glasses are crystal clear and my house no longer smells like vinegar.

The best thing about The Honest Company is their delivery service. All purchases are made online and they offer monthly cost saving bundles. It’s $79.95 per month for their diapers and wipes which includes 6 packages of diapers and 4 packages of wipes – plenty to last you the month. Their Family Essentials Bundle is $35.95 per month for your choice of 5 products which you can switch depending on your needs. The Honest Company products are priced competitively and the monthly delivery is every mom’s dream.

The Honest Companydiapers2I have always tried to be conscious of what I put in and on my body. My interest in natural and organic products is not new but it really intensified with the birth of my first baby. When faced with creating a safe, organic environment for my infant a whole new set of criteria came into play. The Honest Company recognizes those priorities and develops their products accordingly. You spend less time searching for the right products, they just arrive on your doorstep, which means less time wasted. What mom doesn’t want that?

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