Keep Your Hands Off My Dots

Posted by: , October 1, 2012 in 9:00 pm

busymom31 300x238 Keep Your Hands Off My DotsI’m all over the place, I know. One day I’m talking about the economy, the next plastic spiders, the next pajamas, and the next freeze-dried tortilla soup. I want to try to connect the dots, I really do, but I’m coming to realize that these days my dots behave more and more like rodents that scatter in the light than like pretty, orderly circles—and that maybe trying to connect them is a lost cause.

My dots are a huge clusterfuck and I need to embrace that.

Here ye! Here ye!

Of course, I blame my dot mutiny on the children.They’ve all but ransacked my brain.

Take tonight for example. All I wanted to do was brush their teeth. Two children. Two toothbrushes. An Elmo toothbrush for Everette; a Transformers toothbrush for Junior. Thomas the Train non-fluoride toothpaste for Everette. Kid’s Crest for Junior.

(Do you see what I’m doing? I’m lining up my dots…)

We were doing fine. We were getting along swimmingly. Then, in a matter of seconds, mayhem.

Someone was shouting weiner. There was toothpaste on the wall. The cat jumped out of the tub. I stepped on Mr. Potato Head’s eyeglasses. Frothy blue drool ran down chins. Someone needed a towel. Someone needed to spit. The Thomas the Train wall decal was stuck to someone’s shirt. No, it wasn’t. It’s Gordon, Mommy! Don’t you remember Gordon?! And then Everette, I honed in on his teeth like a ninja. Armed with Elmo, darting in and out of his little mouth to get those tiny crevices.

Hold still, please hold still.

(Cue dot explosion.)

When the toothbrushes were finally rinsed and placed back into their cups my head actually felt hole-y.

And I hadn’t even gotten into pajamas—”Please stop jumping. Please get your finger out of your nose”—or picked stories—”Please not Dr. Seuss again, Junior. Mommy’s brain hurts”—or told bed time stories—”There once was a man with a nose. No wait, a horse. And the horse had a nose? Sorry, where was I?”—or shot down the stalling tactics—”Junior, honey, your curtains are .005 centimeters apart…”

But this is nothing new. When I was pregnant with Junior in 2007, my co-worker told me that parenting was the toughest job I’ll ever love (remember that Peace Corps slogan?). These observations, these ruminations, are nothing new. There are so many parenting blogs now, they’re actually becoming tiresome.

Still, I wonder: Where is the fairy or woodland creature that will magically appear and grant me a few months off so I can catch up on sleep? I love my spawn, I really do, but this fog has enveloped the land—the land! We should all give ourselves some major credit for even knowing how to write our own names, never mind helping our off-spring learn how to write their own.

Or dot their i’s.

Now that is something I cannot help with.


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