Mickey Mouse Musical Bench

Posted by: , December 1, 2012 in 11:40 pm

mickey mouse bench Mickey Mouse Musical BenchI don’t know how the people at Disney do it but my kids were obsessed with Mickey Mouse before I even knew they were aware of cartoons.  Something about that adorable little mouse and his lady friend Mini just set their imaginations on fire.  The people at Delta have partnered with Disney to design a new Mickey Mouse Musical Bench that is the perfect inspiration for any budding musician. 

Whether your child is a fan of Donald Duck, Goofy, Mini or Mickey himself, there is a little something for everyone in this versatile toy.  There are three different instruments for a kid to master and each has its own unique sound to play and for kids to discover.  Some children like to chime the symbol while others like to bang the drum.  My daughters both love doing scales on the xylophone and they think it is hilarious when I plink out “Mary Had A Little Lamb” with their new toy.

When play time is over the musical bench has three fabric storage bins that fit beneath the instruments to help keep kids organized and keep moms happy. There is even a clever little spot to store the drum sticks. It has actually become our music center – the kids keep all of their other instruments underneath it. It’s great to have one spot for all of their music.

The bench is an Exclusive Mickey Mouse design and because the characters are so universal the Mickey Mouse Musical Bench can be enjoyed by girls and boys alike.  All the better for parents of sons and daughters looking for a single purchase to satisfy the whole family. It’s a toy and storage – at $67.99 you can’t beat that! Buy it now!




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