Best of the Honest Toddler

Posted by: , December 3, 2012 in 1:44 am

honest toddlere Best of the Honest ToddlerIf you haven’t read the latest Twitter sensation @HonestToddler then you are missing out. The hilarious insights into the life of a toddler, will have you rolling with laughter. Here are our favorites from this week:

Blanket fell off. Need help. And a grilled cheese sammich since you’re up.

Don’t say you love someone then talk on the phone four hours later.

I wish that after ten minutes on the swing the chain would break. Talking to you, Charles. #park #greed

On my way home for stomping a pail until it shattered. I regret nothing.

Santa as you know there are two sides to every story call me when you get a chance love you.

RT if you hold full conversations, even arguments, with yourself and don’t care who knows.

She’s on Pinterest again. Looking at pictures of dresses and wavy hair is more important than getting my snack together.

People who take a bite of something before handing it to you rendering the entire product inedible. #toddlerproblems

Just tried tea. Don’t get it. What’s the point.

How much honey would you use to get gum out of your hair? Asking for a friend.

I feel like when I share it sends the wrong message to my friends. Yes, I want them to be happy, but not happier than me.




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