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It makes me crazy how my two boys pay little attention to the clothes they wear each day. I often notice my 8 year old, Wyatt, putting on the same two outfits over the course of a week just because they happen to be at the top of his drawer. “But they’re clean!” he says in his defense. It is at this point that I try to explain it’s not just about wearing clothes that are clean but about caring how you look. Having some style for god sake! Let me point out that my friends with girls do not have this issue.

When I was offered the chance to have Wyatt in a Target photo shoot, I figured it was the perfect chance to teach him about clothing style. When he arrived at the photo studio in the East Village it suddenly felt like the real deal.

wyatt makeup 300x300 Target Clothes: Trendy and AffordableFirst he had his hair done with a little gel (he liked that) and then (to his horror) they put some makeup on him.

Then it was time to get dressed. There was a very long clothing rack with tons of great outfits. Each one was cooler than the next. I was surprised to learn that they were all clothes that you could buy at Target. They gave Wyatt his first outfit to wear which was a Shaun White grey striped thermal sweatshirt, flannel shirt and grey pants with black skate sneakers.

wyatt presents 1024x682 Target Clothes: Trendy and Affordable

The sweatshirt wasn’t the bulky athletic ones that he usually wears but one that was thinner and tighter fitting. Layering on top of the flannel shirt was brilliant. The pants were a nice cut and were a welcome alternative to jeans or sweats. The skate sneakers were a cool black with a white and red stripe on the bottom. I loved them. A great option for boys that have the comfort of a sneaker but more style. Wyatt kept asking the photographers if he could keep them after the shoot so I guess he liked them too.wyatt pulling streamers 1024x682 Target Clothes: Trendy and Affordable

Wyatt had a blast acting out scenes with another girl at the shoot. She was wearing a fantastic glittery holiday outfit. From her cool beret down to her glam shoes. Wyatt was pulling the streamer as hard as he could but she was older…and stronger. It was fun watching them. Wyatt was definitely not shy! Everyone seemed to appreciate his enthusiasm.

Then it was time for outfit #2. Another fantastic Shaun White ensemble: This time the flannel shirt without the sweatshirt on top, red ski cap and dark grey skinny cords. First off, let me say that putting Wyatt in skinny pants had never occurred to me. He’s not the skinniest kid; he’s kind of stocky actually. Having said that, he looked awesome. The pants were surprisingly flattering. The flannel was casual yet still looked sharp. Wyatt looked perfect in the hat. It brought the whole look together.wyatt sean white flannel1 1024x682 Target Clothes: Trendy and Affordable

Back in front of the cameras, Wyatt’s energy was overflowing. In no time he was playing in the wrapping paper. The photographer encouraged him to have fun. Wyatt began throwing paper in the air, then he lay down in a big pile and started making snow angels. The crowd loved it.

Let me just say that I was familiar with Shawn White before the shoot but I had no idea he had a clothing line. I can’t emphasize enough how impressed I was with how every piece exuded such a cool attitude. It jibed so well with Wyatt I was hooked. I sometimes find it difficult to find clothes I like for boys. Not every boy wants to wear a sports jersey. The Shawn White line at Target is a welcome solution.wyatt drinking Target Clothes: Trendy and Affordable

When shooting was done Wyatt guzzled down a bottle of water in less than a second. Apparently it’s hard work being a model.

Neither of us wanted to leave. It was a really fun morning. As we left, Wyatt and I talked about how he could put a little effort into getting dressed in the morning. With some Target clothes that he could mix and match, he could have fun and create his own style. I get to shop for necessities at Target plus pick up clothes for the kids. You had me at convenient.

In the end, my take away was: Target has a great variety of clothing options that are super trendy plus affordable. Wyatt’s take away was: “It’s fun to wear cool clothes,” and “When can I become famous?” And then he passed out on the car ride home.

wyatt sleeping Target Clothes: Trendy and Affordable


A big thanks to Target for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.Target Logo Target Clothes: Trendy and Affordable

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  1. Tree on December 15th, 2012 4:52 am

    Oh, I love the one of Wyatt in the midst of all the colorful tissue paper.. adorable! They had a great time with the tug-of-war. lol He was a character for sure! 🙂

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