Sh*t Stay at Home Moms Say

Posted by: , January 2, 2013 in 3:18 pm

sht stay at home moms say Sh*t Stay at Home Moms SayWe figure it’s a good idea to start out the New Year with a laugh so…here’s another version of Sh*t People Say, this time from SAHMs. Thanks to the Pregnant Chicken who turned us on to this video plus the hilarious out takes.

By the way, these nuggets are not exclusive to stay at home moms, all moms are guilty of classics, like: “I LOVE making my own Play-Doh!”, “We’re using the Baby Wise sleep method.”, “I delivered my baby at home…in a whirlpool.”, “I don’t like Caillou.”, “Savannah, get down from there, you’re making me nervous!”, “Is that caffeinated?”, “I LOVE Pinterest.”, “Shhh! The baby is sleeping!” Enjoy…


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