Taking Art to the Next Level

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 Taking Art to the Next LevelDisney Creativity Studio 

Your kids sometimes get to a point where they are ready to do more than crafty DIY art projects. The Disney Creative Studio App with Smart Stylus will let them build on their artistic talents by turning your iPad tablet into an artist’s studio. My son has always been interested in cartooning, so this was right up his alley. Kids are taught about the drawing process and with the Smart Stylus, they have the tools to mimic what they’re seeing. He was guided step-by-step through the drawing of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy just the way the Disney artists do it!  There’s even a video you can watch that introduces the basic drawing concepts and techniques. Taking Art to the Next Level He was busy for hours.

With the stylus, you get a complete toolbox to create a realistic drawing experience. My son could switch between different types of drawing tools: pencils, stamper, marker, and crayon as well as five different line thickness choices. There’s a wide variety of colors to choose from, and you can get magical effects when you shake the stylus. My son’s favorite part was, he could flip over the stylus to erase just like a regular pencil! Kids can also do dot-to-dot pictures, coloring, and tracing, which my 2 year old daughter enjoyed, when she could wrest the iPad away from my son. The stylus itself costs $50 and can be purchased via the Apple Store and the app costs $3 via the iTunes App Store.


Who wouldn’t jump at butterfly 300x300 Taking Art to the Next Levelthe chance to immortalize one of your child’s drawings? Kidz Can Design converts your children’s artwork into a high quality sterling silver custom jewelry. They can use either traditional drawings created on a piece of paper or an image using computer software to create an exact replica of their vision. My son is constantly doodling little people. He was thrilled to turn one of those characters into a necklace which he now proudly wears around his neck every day. He’s now a jewelry designer, he tells his friends. The site was easy to use and we got his creation within 2 weeks. He’s working on another one for me to wgirlinflower 150x150 Taking Art to the Next Levelear. I can’t wait.

The refrigerator and walls only have room for so many masterpieces. What a great way to display your children’s artwork into something useful! Kidz Can Design would be the perfect gift idea for a grandparent or a great surprise for your child. Choice of Pendant $49.99 or Charm $59.99. Kidzcandesign.com

Bike Chalk Trail Kit

BIKE CHALK TRAIL KIT sidewalk chalk UncommonGoods 300x285 Taking Art to the Next LevelJust in time for Spring let young artists have some outdoor activity while also expressing their creativity. From big kids to toddlers, it’s as easy as snapping the adjustable chalk holder onto their bike’s back wheel.  Even though it’s still a little chilly outside, my son loves bicycling in front of our house. The Chalk Trail was a melding of his two favorite things; art and biking! He had a blast using the street as his canvas.

He made circles, stripes, roads…then got his friends involved. The street was a rainbow of colors. It was a whole new type of artistic expression! The Chalktrail Kit comes with the chalk holder plus chunky non-toxic, washable chalk pieces. Uncommon Goods, $27


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