Back-to-School Health Tips

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L_il Critters Gummy Vites Multivitamin | drugstore.comAs August winds down kids start realizing that the summer is almost over. Some kids are looking forward to seeing their friends while others are dreading back-to-school. The best thing we can do as parents is to be enthusiastic (excitement is contagious) and to make sure our kids are healthy and strong to start the new school year.

The best way to promote your child’s health is to stay on top of doctor check ups and vaccines. Summer is a great time for visiting the doctor. You don’t have to schedule appointments around school or extra-curricular activities. Time flexibility means more opportunity  to ask questions and pay attention to medical issues that might have otherwise fallen through the cracks.

Just because the routine is off with school sports on hiatus, doesn’t mean your kids should be inactive. Make sure the kids keep busy, continuing to exercise. The warm weather is great for bike riding, swimming and other fun activities, so join in and keep moving!

Eating healthy is important as well. Don’t slack off in the summer by letting the kids get by with junk food. Make sure fruits and veggies are a big part of their diet. Breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day. Get your kids in the habit of eating a big, healthy breakfast to give them energy for the hours ahead.

In the summer, sleep habits sometimes go out the window with children staying up later than usual. Start weaning them off the late hours as soon as you can, so they are ready for the school year schedule. Start the transition at least a week before school starts. Getting plenty of sleep is a great way to maintain your kids’ health and fend off illness.

As the weather starts changing and getting cooler, children are more susceptible to colds. Be proactive with your kid’s health by making sure they wash their hands often and take vitamins every morning.  Make it easy with a tasty multi-vitamin, like L’il Critters, which is the #1 vitamin out their for children. Their Gummy Vites are not only delicious but will give your kids that boost they need to start their day. The best part? They taste like Gummy Bears, but contain no artificial color or flavors. Their motto: “We Make Nutrition Taste Good”, could not be more true. Your kids will never complain about taking these vitamins. As a matter of fact, they will most likely ask you for more. Taking care of your kids was never so easy!

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