Simmons Tour Buggy Stroller

Posted by: , August 15, 2013 in 4:49 pm

Simmons Tour Buggy Stroller with Reversible Seat -  I recently had another baby and within a week I was feeling stir crazy. I desperately needed to get out of the house.  Stepping into the daylight, I ventured outside to the garage to dig out one of my many strollers that were collecting dust.  After four kids, there were quite a few choices. 

Unfortunately, what once were the fancy, newest strollers on the block suddenly seemed like big, hefty dinosaurs. Knowing this baby was going to be my last, I suddenly felt the urge to splurge! Only this time, I would be smart.

From all my experience that I had cultivated throughout the years, I now new what I really needed:  A lightweight stroller for walks in the neighborhood, errands, and quick getaways to the park.  Something I could easily open, close and toss in my car.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Delta products so luckily for me my search was over fairly quickly. I went with the Simmons Tour Buggy stroller and within days it arrived on my doorstep.

The Simmons is the perfect stroller for so many reasons. It’s chicly designed, made with slick colors and sturdy features. It’s super easy to put together and also flattens out when folded which makes it very manageable for when you’re traveling!  It’s extremely light weight, yet has all those features you get with heavier strollers. It’s got 360-degree shock-absorbing swivel lock front wheels and oversized 10” rear wheels for a smooth ride. Trust me, the kids will notice the smooth ride.

The seat is reversible so you can have your child facing towards you or away from you (lots of kids like to see where they’re going when they get older). And, the material is made of a soft, comfy fabric, and fully reclines with an adjustable footrest.  Perfect for when your child is trying to get cozy for a little nap. It also boasts other life improving features like a five-point harness, adjustable handles, large under-frame storage bag, and a one-touch back brake.

While most strollers on the market can cost an arm and a leg, the Simmons retails for $269.99!  A great deal!  There really is no point in looking further—if you want a fantastic stroller that will last, buy the Simmons. You won’t be sorry.  Buy it now!




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