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Newsies Tickets | Newsies Broadway Musical Theater

I decided it was time to take the boys to see a Broadway Show. It’s been awhile, plus I needed reduce my guilt of living so close to New York City and not taking advantage of it. Besides, I keep taking my youngest daughter to various Disney events – so fairs fair.

It was between Matilda and Newsies. Ultimately Newsies won out because the boys are interested in historical stories and Newsies is about the newspaper strike at the turn of the century.  Seemed like something they’d like. The only issue was how to get the tickets on the cheap!

Luckily, I was encouraged to try a new website called ScoreBig, which sells discounted tickets to sporting events, concerts and theater seats. It’s kind of like Priceline, in that the seats are ranked by starred levels – one-star being the cheapest and five-star seats being the best. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to bid for the seats, but if you bid too low, then you have to wait 24 hours to try again.

I love gambling so this was an exciting proposition.

When you first enter Score Big, you choose your event, your date and the level of seats you’d like. Then you put your best bid in. Score Big will tell you whether you have a chance of winning it or if it is unlikely. You have the chance to change your bid before you submit. You also have the opportunity to play around with dates and seats, to get your price lower.

I decided that it was worth it to see Newsies on a Wednesday night to save some money. The first try I lowballed it, I went for $200 for three seats. I figured it was worth a try! I didn’t get them but after 24 hours I was prompted to try again. This time I upped it and ended up getting the tickets for under $300 total. With 4-star seats, I think it was a great score!

Next up- I think I’ll take the whole family to a Yankees game…There will be no more traditional ticket sites for me anymore, Score Big is too much fun.

Visit ScoreBig now for your own great deals on tickets!   score big


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