Newborn2 AboutWelcome to Soggy Puffs!

We know you love being a parent more than anything in the world and enjoy spending every waking moment with your children but let’s talk about how you REALLY feel…

You would trade your wedding ring for a decent night’s sleep.

You really don’t understand buying a $2000 stroller unless it comes with a masseuse.

You don’t care about the effects of TV on your kid’s brains as long as it buys you time to A. take a shower B. eat or C. talk on the phone.

You think baby milestones are evil because they build up your expectations then crush them while simultaneously breeding unwanted mommy comments.

You consider yourself a fairly good parent with the exception of that day(s) you lost your shit.

You admit to ignoring a soggy puff lodged between your couch cushions /under the table / in your hair because you were just too 2puffs FB Abouttired to deal.

If you can relate to most of these statements then SoggyPuffs is for you. If not… well you must be really great at this parenting thing. Perhaps you can come to our house and give us some tips.