How to Keep Kids Healthy This Winter

Posted by: , December 29, 2014 in 5:20 pm

sick kidsEven though there hasn’t been much snow, we are in the thick of winter. While the kids are anticipating snow days and ice skating, parents are bracing for flu season. Some say it’s inevitable, but by staying on top of your household you may be able to prevent all those winter illnesses.  Here our 7 tips for keeping those runny noses at bay…


Avoid processed foods high in preservatives. Encourage whole foods; 5 servings of fruits and veggies. Push immunity boosting snacks like oranges, carrots and green beans. Kids need a diet rich in nutrients to fight infections. Give them the tools to win that battle!


Kids need tons of sleep. Toddlers require 12-14 hours, children 3-6 years old need 10-12 hours, and 7-12 years old need 11 hours per day. Do not gyp your kids on their sleep in the winter season. Studies have show that sleep deprivation can make you susceptible to illness by lowering your immunity.


Make sure everyone in the family is dressed appropriately for the colder weather. Bundle up with warm jackets, mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves if needed. It’s okay to be outside for long periods of time as long as you are prepared.


It is estimated that children who do not wash their hands miss more school than those that do. Teach your kids to wash hands before and after meals, after coughing or sneezing, and after using the restroom. Having wipes and anti-bacterial lotion around can be helpful too.


If someone in the family is sick try and keep them away from everyone else. The last thing you need is it spreading through the house. Don’t send your kids back to school until it’s been 24 hours without fever or vomiting. If you follow the rules, everyone else will.


Making your pediatrician write a prescription for antibiotics every time your child is sick is not a good idea. Antibiotics treat only bacterial infections and most child illnesses are caused by viruses. Strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are flourishing. Only take antibiotics if the doctor thinks it might be bacterial.


Regular activity for your kids sets them up for a lifelong fitness habit. Exercise has been shown to make kids stronger thus enable them to fight off sickness easier. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t be active. Ice skating, sledding, skiing, and even snow ball fights, will keep everyone moving. Exercise as a family and show your kids the way.









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Newsies Tickets | Newsies Broadway Musical Theater

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Inspired Living With Delta Faucet: Before and After

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It finally arrived. My new Delta Touch2O faucet! The only problem was…it was too nice. How could I pair this beautiful, modern faucet with my old, rusty, cast iron basin. It just wasn’t right. At least that’s how I pitched it to my husband.  CUT TO: A brand new stainless steel sink to complement my sleek new faucet. I was in heaven.

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Make Meal Time “WOW” Time with Pillsbury Pizza Crust

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pillsbury can
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My kitchen needs a lot of work; I dream of having a granite counter top, a stainless steel sink, a more appealing back splash, updated appliances, and the list goes on and on. It seems overwhelming but you’ve got to start somewhere. So when Delta Faucet offered to send me a new faucet, I was excited to start my dream kitchen journey.  Here is my current faucet situation:

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Simmons Tour Buggy Stroller

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Simmons Tour Buggy Stroller with Reversible Seat -  I recently had another baby and within a week I was feeling stir crazy. I desperately needed to get out of the house.  Stepping into the daylight, I ventured outside to the garage to dig out one of my many strollers that were collecting dust.  After four kids, there were quite a few choices. 

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BBQ Rescue: Grilled Pillsbury Pizza Crust

Posted by: , July 23, 2013 in 4:54 pm


The summer is great for grilling but right about the middle of the summer (now), I get tired of eating the same old barbecue food and so do the kids. Hamburgers, chicken or fish is getting old. It’s fun to mix things up and get rid of those BBQ Blues. Pillsbury Pizza Crust is just what the doctor ordered!pillsbury  - Google Search

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Delta Faucet: Inspired Living

Posted by: , July 22, 2013 in 5:05 pm

Delta Faucet Inspired Living

I was looking to upgrade my kitchen and didn’t have the first idea of how to begin. That’s why I was thrilled to have Touch2O Kitchen Faucets on my side.

They have come up with an interactive digital tool that allows users to explore and discover different faucet designs based on personal aesthetics. Delta was basically offering to help me shape the vision of my kitchen! I took the help.

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Posted by: , July 17, 2013 in 3:16 am

WIPES DISPENSER-1I recently went on a road trip with all three kids. The older ones are used to our vacations with LOTS of time in the car and many impromptu stops.

But it’s been awhile since we had a toddler on our trips. My daughter is 2 ½.  That’s a tough age for traveling. Not a baby that let’s you drag them along wherever you go, and not old enough to understand why they’re being dragged along in the first place. Anything that helps with the journey is appreciated. I found that the new products I got from the OXO Tot travel line really saved me.

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